Thursday, March 10, 2011

tutorial thursday

oh i have been a bad blogger.
i have the late winter/early spring blahs.

can't wait to get out of my house and start on my garden.
I have plans to put in a micro prairie in my backyard. It'll be 4 foot by 4 foot. So when i say micro i mean.. teeny teeny tiny.

i havn't been making much lately. But i have done some craft shopping, thanks to some birthday cash that was sent my way.
So i have lots to work with.

this is my first tutorial thursday, and i have two tutorials to direct you guys towards.

over this way is a sweet free crochet cupcake pattern. It looks so yummy!

and here we have some breathtaking felt poppy directions i want to whip up some of these for fascinators. Gotta buy some pretty felt.

and a bonus third tutorial, because i got distracted, wandered off and found something awesome. HOMEMADE GLIMMER MIST! honestly, WOOT! i love glitter and glimmer and gleam. and glimmer mist ain't cheap, and i am all about crafting on a budget, (but only because i have not won the lottery yet) and i love diy.

I will be making a cupcake this weekend, and trying out the felt poppy as soon as i can get my hands on some nice felt. but i've got everything i need to attempt the glimmer mist so i'm running off to try it out right noW! i will post pictures of my results!

Friday, February 25, 2011

this is just a quickie to say that i have updated the etsy!

I've been a little lazy, resting around the house in my socks and admiring my bedroom. I'll be back on track with blogging this weekend though! so see you soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

lets talk blue

color trends come and go. but the science of colors stay the same. thats why blue rocks my world.

its a calming, serene, influence. Blue can lower your blood pressure, calm your heart rate. Bliss you out.

have a busy life? find yourself a little stressed? toss on a blue bracelet or a necklace and take a moment to admire your bling through out the day. You'll find yourself a calmer person. It only takes half a second to sooth your soul and lift your spirits.

different tones of blue bring different feelings, warm oceanic blues bring thoughts of summer and warmth. sky tones come with thoughts of freedom and adventure. deeper blues brings feelings of love and contentment.

so brighten up your day with a little bit of blue. you might be suprised at the difference

Saturday, February 12, 2011

so while you guys know about my new years resolution projects, you might not know about one big project i've got on the go right now.

We moved this summer, and our new bedroom is a bit bigger than our old one, and i decided it was time for a new look.

i was planning on aiming for a lush steampunk style, but changed my mind. now i'm working on a nature themed bedroom, and i am almost done!

i had a bunch of little projects, and now i only have 3 left.

the first thing i did was paint a tree in the corner and along the wall behind the bed. It goes from the floor to the ceiling, and three feet along one wall and then 4 and a half feet along the other wall. Its blue, because i love blue and wanted something calming. it turned out really well. i just love it.

then i painted two matching canvas's to go on one wall. one is black with white details, and the other is white with black details, and then the both of them have blue hearts.

my last project was really cool. I found a beautiful metal butterfly at the dollarama, meant to go into the garden. it was a dull bronze with some white distressing on it already. i added some green coppery highlights and some streaky gold patches to kick the aged look up a notch. I think it turned out fabulous.

now i have to frame the paintings, and hang everything.

But i still have a two projects left to do.

I found a beautful white acrylic screen at the dollarama (i love that store) with a pattern of flowers, vines and butterflies. I grabbed two, and all i want to do is paint them light blue and then hang them.

my last project is a bit more detailed. I grabbed a bunch of vases, votive holders and candlesticks. the plan is to glue the vases and votive holders on top of the candlesticks to make faux apothecary jars, which i will fill with random shiny things and flowers.

i'd love to have a tiny terrarium for in there at some point, and some large hanging paper flowers. but they'll won't happen for a while.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the name game

so when i decided i wanted to take a step back from my jewelery business and start all over, i thought it would be great. i expected it to be easy and fun. it was fun, but it wasn't easy. i made every decision 2 or even 3 times. I wanted a new start to remind me of all the things i love about jewelery making.

the hardest decision was about the new name. I wanted simple, and elegant and easy. I wanted it to mean something.

the first item of jewelery i sold on esty was a charm bracelet. pressed glass beads in clear, black and both with an aurora finish. It was spaced themed, and i called it the galaxy bracelet.

one of the things i love about making jewelery is working with the wire. i love creating a necklace bit by bit by adding on the wire connectors. I like the connections and the way you can manipulate them and change a peice, all by twisting the wire a different way.

When i thought about my galaxy bracelet i felt that connection to the past. i can remember twisting the head pins, sliding them onto the chain, slipping the beads on to the wire. it mattered to me, the connection from that peice to this new beginning.

each of my peices are connected to each other, its in the way i work the wire, and string the beads. each peice forms a star in my own galaxy of jewelery that i choose to share with the world.

so come check out the stars

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

shruggery 1

so i made my first shrug for the year last weekend. I did a modified crochet drop stitch and it worked up thick and fuzzy and fantastically warm.

I fell in love with the yarns colorway. I didn't buy it thinking about a shrug. i bought it thinking "OH. pretty." so when i sat down to work away, i was thinking hat, or maybe scarf. But then i thought i would have just enough to do a simple shrug with cap length sleeves.

and so i started to crochet. with hope, and joy and lots of thoughts about how pretty the yarn was. which is probably the best way to crochet. and in just about an hour and a half, i had a shrug. It was longer than i expected, running from elbow to elbow.

I finished it with perfect timing, as i found myself in sudden need of a sweater, and the shrug kept me from freezing until we could leave.

i love the colors because this is pretty much what my hair looks like. highlighted with purple and blue and darker blue and i love it. so its awesome that my shrug matches.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


SO happy to announce the winners of my guess the numbers contest!

DYEINGFOREWE is our first place winner! She was right on the money with 10! And the second place winner is Jason! Yay for you guys! I will be shipping your prizes out next week.

Secondly i finished my first shrug today! Yay! i am so glad to be checking something off my new years making list before the end of the first month of the year. It was not one of the patterns i picked, but a quick drop stitch crocheted shrug with a yummy plush fur yarn that i found. It was done with perfect timing, because when i finished it i was freezing and was so happy to put it right on.