Monday, February 7, 2011

the name game

so when i decided i wanted to take a step back from my jewelery business and start all over, i thought it would be great. i expected it to be easy and fun. it was fun, but it wasn't easy. i made every decision 2 or even 3 times. I wanted a new start to remind me of all the things i love about jewelery making.

the hardest decision was about the new name. I wanted simple, and elegant and easy. I wanted it to mean something.

the first item of jewelery i sold on esty was a charm bracelet. pressed glass beads in clear, black and both with an aurora finish. It was spaced themed, and i called it the galaxy bracelet.

one of the things i love about making jewelery is working with the wire. i love creating a necklace bit by bit by adding on the wire connectors. I like the connections and the way you can manipulate them and change a peice, all by twisting the wire a different way.

When i thought about my galaxy bracelet i felt that connection to the past. i can remember twisting the head pins, sliding them onto the chain, slipping the beads on to the wire. it mattered to me, the connection from that peice to this new beginning.

each of my peices are connected to each other, its in the way i work the wire, and string the beads. each peice forms a star in my own galaxy of jewelery that i choose to share with the world.

so come check out the stars

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  1. love the name. Hey when I have some time after school is done. I should show you some protoypes of boxes i make and such. I thik youd like them and maybe we can work something out. and if you need a logo design ill help. All in time. :D