Wednesday, February 2, 2011

shruggery 1

so i made my first shrug for the year last weekend. I did a modified crochet drop stitch and it worked up thick and fuzzy and fantastically warm.

I fell in love with the yarns colorway. I didn't buy it thinking about a shrug. i bought it thinking "OH. pretty." so when i sat down to work away, i was thinking hat, or maybe scarf. But then i thought i would have just enough to do a simple shrug with cap length sleeves.

and so i started to crochet. with hope, and joy and lots of thoughts about how pretty the yarn was. which is probably the best way to crochet. and in just about an hour and a half, i had a shrug. It was longer than i expected, running from elbow to elbow.

I finished it with perfect timing, as i found myself in sudden need of a sweater, and the shrug kept me from freezing until we could leave.

i love the colors because this is pretty much what my hair looks like. highlighted with purple and blue and darker blue and i love it. so its awesome that my shrug matches.

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