Saturday, January 29, 2011


SO happy to announce the winners of my guess the numbers contest!

DYEINGFOREWE is our first place winner! She was right on the money with 10! And the second place winner is Jason! Yay for you guys! I will be shipping your prizes out next week.

Secondly i finished my first shrug today! Yay! i am so glad to be checking something off my new years making list before the end of the first month of the year. It was not one of the patterns i picked, but a quick drop stitch crocheted shrug with a yummy plush fur yarn that i found. It was done with perfect timing, because when i finished it i was freezing and was so happy to put it right on.


  1. Really? *hug* 10 is my lucky number! Now it's even more lucky for me. Thank-you darlin.
    Oo pictures of the shrug would be awesome!

  2. aWESOME! i TOTALLY didnt expect to win D: