Friday, January 21, 2011

things that i love

oh so today i have been lazy (don't tell!) and wandering through the blogosphere looking at pretty things and looking for idea's rather than making pretty things and having ideas.

what i found was a blog with some kick ass ideas on budgets that i am in looooooooove with. what am i talking about? dollar store craftscheck it out!

Its based in the states, so some of the items and store's don't quite match up in canada, but the ideas and tutorials go on forever. theres a few different sections on the site, 1$ and free, 5$ and under, 10$ and beyond, decor and tutorials.

the 1 dollar and free section is full of how to's for items you probably already have in your crafty stash. theres a lot of sweet little minatures in this section. and i have doll house dreams, so they make my eyes light up and glow. but with my resolution of organizing my craft room, the big winner in the section for me isthis article of three ideas for recycled craft storage.

the 5 and under section is full of coolness too, the crafts here have a bit more scope, and a bit more ooph, and theres still lots of projects with some items you probably have in your stash. i'm loving the river rock boot trays which i will totally be making for the spring and the recycled tin can candlesticks

in the 10 and beyond section the crafts have big attidue and big payoffs which for 10 bucks, is all kinds of awesome. i'm loving the big apothecary jar, which is easy and awesome and is on my to do list. i love this pottery barn inspired tile mirrow even more.

the decor section is delightful, full of easy cheap little touches for your house. this faux wrought iron wall art projects are so cool. and from a source i never would have thought of. and this stained glass project is glorious.

so if you havn't fallen in love with something i just posted, then you need to get off your butt, head over to dollar store crafts and see the rest!

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