Thursday, January 6, 2011

so hows everyone out there in the big wide world? are you happy today?

i certainly am. I'm having a lazy day at home today after a big library trip yesterday. I hit the millennieum library for the first time ever and had my socks blown off. its four stories of books. its the biggest library i have ever seen, let alone been in. we were there for an hour and i maxed out the number of books i was allowed. (50!) in my haul are some amazing crafty books that i am looking forward to making items out of.

i grabbed a book of sock patterns to look for a basic sock pattern, in addition to some patterns i have saved from online. i'm not quite ready to pick my pattern yet, but i'm happy to start looking.

i requested luxe knits awhile ago and i am so happy to get my hands on it. its a lovely book, with some really cool ideas about using folds to create form that i'm looking forward to trying. its got both knit and crochet patterns, and i'm short listing three of them for my resolutions list. the lacy tank isn't something i had on my list, but i'm adding it because it looks so pretty. the chinched shrug is simple but gorgeous and the butterfly blouse is an amazing idea that i want to transfer in to a wrap.

i'll be making the lacy tunic from positively crochet as my sweater dress. its open and lacy, and lovely looking. i made a set of wrist warmers as a christmas gift for someone from this book so i know the patterns are amazing and work up well. finding the book right away rather than having to wait for it means this pattern is the first on my list to start. i'm excited.

i also grabbed wrapped in gems a book i'm really really in love with. its full of beautiful wire designs for use with gemstones, a subject thats near and dear to my heart lately. i've played with two of the designs and i'm happy to say that they translate well with my materials. i'll have pics soon!

so my new year is off to a great start! my resolutions are underway and i've got lots of items to photograph so i can share them with you.

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  1. I laughed when I read taht you maxed out your library taking out... I told mae shes got some compettion for book enthusiats.