Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year, new resolutions

so its the new year. a time of change and looking forward, instead of looking back. A time of vows and promises and resolutions.

and these are my crafty ones

i wand to have a hand crafted wardrobe. Right now i have 4 items that i made that i can wear. I want to have 20 by the end of the year. in that light, these are the items i want to make:
a pair of socks
a sweater dress
a sweater
two shrugs (one in lace)
a cowl
two dresses, one for summer, one for fall
silk screen shirts x 2
silk screened leggings
two pairs of spats, crocheted and sewn
and a skirt

i'll be able to work at that one all year round.

my biggest project is to get my craft room organized and set up so i can work in it! right now i have an extra dresser in there and my desk is in peices. once i get that settled, then everything will have a place and be in it.

other than those, really i just want to keep trying new things, to keep learning and definitly to keep crafting. Try and make something every day, and not to lose the joy i find in crafting. I want to share it, by writing and teaching and showing.

what are your crafty resolutions?

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