Friday, January 14, 2011


no matter how hard we try, life gets in our way. Stuff comes up, you lose things. Your kid gets sick, the dog eats half a project. Its hard to stay on track. It can get very frustrating.

right now i'm working on organizing my craft room. Its a slow process, especially because we just moved, so i've got little bits of stuff from all over the house, none of which is easy to find. It frustrating. Its taking longer than i expected and honestly, i'm not happy about it.

and then yesterday i quit. i was moving some paper craft stuff and came across a stash of pre-mixed beads that i wanted to make a bracelet with. I looked at it and i just wanted to craft. to forget the little details and moving paper and make something pretty. so i did.

I walked out of the room with my hands full of beads, grabbed wire and a set of pliers and went to work. soon i had a sweet little cascade pendant in my lap. It was in shades of cream and peach and chocolate. It looked yummy. It made me smile.

And then i went back up to my craft room and dove back in. Sometimes you have to step back and have fun. other wise you get lost in the details.

So take a break. make something. get some fresh air for your crafters soul. when you get back to work, it'll be easier to focus.

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  1. Thanks you, you have inspired me to start crafting when I get moer fustrated currently knitting a belt for mae with fabric roses. YAYQ!