Tuesday, November 23, 2010

stuff i love

the internet is full of amazing things.

these are my favs

craftgawker is an amazing site, where you go and see hundreds of pictures of crafts people have made, all the images are also links. there are so many amazing craftspeople online, this website will show a fraction of them, but it is all glorious and gorgeous,

craftser is a great forum site for anything you can craft, you can find discussion, tutorials and some amazing items here. best of all, they have a separate business forum, and don`t allow selling posts in the general forums. because sometimes you just wanna look at stuff.

firemountain gems is where i love to buy my beads. looooooooove to shop here. i try to avoid it when i`m not shopping, because everytime i go there, no matter what i`m supposed to be doing, i end up with an order. i love them because the more items you get, the less they cost.

craftzine is full of awesome. half a billion different projects, tutorials and recipies.

knitty is an awesome knitting zine. The patterns they post are all so lovely. some of the stuff posted here is actually what inspired me to pick up some knitting needles.

crochet me is a great crochet zine. they`ve become a little heavy on the ads though, which is why they are only great. some awesome patterns though and their printed affiliate is also great.

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