Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bead soup!

i have an issue. i have too many beads. and i love them all. i'm a bead junkie. and sometimes it can get in the way of my crafting. when i have 45 min to toss together a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet or pendent, but i spend 40 minutes trying to pick out the 'best' or 'right' beads to go with my outfit. its not a good thing, then i get stressed and bitchy and my husband rolls his eyes and thinks horrible things about my hobbies.

but i don't have to worry about that any more. because i made bead soup. and don't go scratching your head and thinking "she's doing what now?" i am not eating my beads, i have no desire to know what they taste like.

bead soup - a container full of beads. i have.... 11 or 12 tupperware containers of beadsoup lying in various areas of my house. i sorted them by colors, and they all have the same basic mix of beads inside: pearls, faux pearls, glass, acrylic, crystal, pressed glass, and seed beads. i have black, white, red, purple, blue-aqua, blue-sky, green-grass, green-olive, brown, pink, silver, then i have two that are sorted by type, one of seed beads and one of acrlyic bicones.

when i want to do a little project in one or two colors, it is so much easier to just grab my blue container of beadsoup and the black or silver mix and work out of it. i don't have to search through all my bead storage units, what i need is right in one place and the simplification makes things easy again.

i still get to spend time staring at my bead storage, and fussing over this bead vs that bead, but now when i want speed, i've got it. even if it has a silly name.

oh and if your absentminded like me, and using the same tupperware style as you put real food in, try not to get distracted while you've got a closed container in your hands. The only reason my husband hasn't asked me gently why the freezer is full of beads is sheer luck.

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