Wednesday, December 1, 2010

things to come

so i woke up this morning and it was december. i call crazy shenanigans on time. i mean really, november just started a couple days ago.

and my complaints aside, that means today is a big day. 24 days till christmas (which is a scary thought) but it also means that this is my first month of featured fridays.

every month i am going to pick a theme, and then every friday i will post examples of items with in that theme. most of my themes will be based in technique, either for jewellery making or crochet/knitting. my first theme is not. because i'm occasionally eccentric.

my first theme is ring, so every friday i will be posting some awesome awesome rings on this here blog.

i've also got some book reviews coming, i grabbed 4 of the yarn harlots books from my local library, and the first craftser craft book. i'll put reviews up as i get them read. the reviews will be constant, because i read like crazy and love craft books. i have a bunch requested at the library and am looking forward to getting my mitts on them.

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