Sunday, December 26, 2010

who got crafts for christmas?

oh i did! i got loads of crafts for christmas!!

my biggest haul is a set of fiskars special effect scissors, which are awesome.

i got two hanks of faux pearls, one in brown and one in blue-black, and i have many projects for them. i just love pearls, real and fake. they make me happy.

in my stocking i got some scrapping ink, which was followed by three other ink pads, plus i got two mat stacks, one in pastels (green-blue-purple-pink) and one in neutrals (white-cream-beige-brown). i'm already dreaming about scrap booking with them. the ink colors i got were peach, teal and purple.

then i'm taking today to clean the house and do some crafting. i'm working on a shrug with crazed octopus cables, and i want to do at least one scrapbooking page with my christmas goodies.

and if you didn't get any crafting presents, i suggest you pick some up. if you like yarn and fiber head over to dyeing for ewe for info on the boxing day sale or you can also head over tofateful fiber to check out some sweet handspun

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