Sunday, December 5, 2010

fantastic not friday features

so as i was soundly beaten by bloggers picture inserting thing, and forgot that there was a preview button. what i got was a post with pictures, but the text was not where i wanted it and defeated, i deleted.

but i'm back with a html cheat sheet, some resized images and now this should work.

when i got to etsy and the ring section, i was a little blown away. there are 19 sections of rings. so with my eyes the size of tea cups i went a little crazy. i have five amazing rings for ya'll to look at, and my are they pretty.

this ring expanded my horizons. when i thought ring, i never thought crocheted or fiber would ever be involved. check out the full view to see an amazing creation over on etsy

this ring was more of what i was expecting to feauture. I love the idea of casting twigs and making jewellery out of nature. and a rose twig ring is awesomely romantic. see the whole ring in its knobby natural beauty.

this ring was also not something i would have thought of. silk and silver just didn't seem right when it came to rings. but this ruffled delight is awesome. just look at it, don't you want one?

i don't like yellow. i don't. but i want this ring. i want one for ever finger and one of every toe. this ring is adorable. its made of felt and acrylic, and screams summer and flight.

this is a bit more what i was thinking i'd be showing, a fantastic wire wrapped ring. its so steampunk it looks like it crawled off a switch board and wrapped itself around your finger. check the whole thing out

so for my first set of features i learned that my preconceptions about rings were ... definitly wrong. and i'm pretty pleased by it. next week i'm gonna keep expanding my conceptions by trying to feature 5 wire wrapped rings, from simple to complex.

all images belong to original owners, they are reposted here in admiration only.

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