Wednesday, December 22, 2010

book love

so i love me some books. if you add up my collection, i have more books than anything in my house but beads. and its a close race for the win there. i just love reading. books make me happy.

and i also love my library. because i sadly can not afford to buy all the books i want (theres just so many) the library lets me get my hands on them to see if i absolutely need need need them.

i also love, so you can imagine my glee when i found a new book from craftster at the library. i may have giggled and done a victory dance (this is a totally normal procedure for me at the library). full of glee i took my prize to the counter and headed home

the book is question is the nifty thrifty and kitschy crafts, which contains fifty projects from the fifties and sixties. it looks awesome and i am happy to report that it follows up on the awesome once you start reading.

my fav projects are the tailored dickie, loom knit scarf and the felt flower appliques. i love the loom knit scarf because it walks through building the loom from scratch and then knitting on it. the tailored dickie is an easy sewing project, and the felt flowers look amazing.

my not fav project has got to be the crocheted doll face fridge magnets. various relatives of mine had these on their fridges when i was little and they have always creeped me out. thats the only reason i dislike the project, which is well written and looks well done, if slightly creepy

so one creepy project aside everything in this book looks cool, with varying levels of difficulty, from so easy i'll do it with my 6 year old, to definitly ones to tackle by myself. its a great book, and one i definitly reccomend getting, especially if you like a vintage look and feel.

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